Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Our New Years Eve was much like our Christmas...
It was quiet, calm, relaxing, perfect.

We spent the day cleaning the house, watching football, and ran a few errands.  I got my picture taken for my passport.  (I actually went to the Post Office to apply for my passport, but today was a federal holiday... P.O. was closed.  I was kind of bummed.  *snort*)

We went to 5pm Mass... Dave was the Lector, Christopher was the only Altar Server, I served for Communion, and Megan cheered us all on from the pew.  :)

Home to order pizza... we laughed a lot while watching America's Funniest Videos.  Megan went to bed.  Dave, Christopher, & I had some friendly competition playing wii... a little Lego Rock Band, a round of golf, a couple games of bowling.  We put together a Green Bay Packer puzzle.  Around 11:30pm we settled in to watch the coverage of the New York festivities.  Megan woke up about 11:50pm, and came out to snuggle with me and Dave on the couch.  So we were all together as we watched the ball drop and rang in the new year.

It was a night for FAMILY.  The most important people in my life.  It was quiet, calm, relaxing, comfortable... and I won't have a headache in the morning.  *snort*

Dave and I talked a lot about what this upcoming year has in store for us.  We are facing a life changing event... our safe, insulated, protected lifestyle is going to change in a major way.

I pray every day for patience and ask God to calm my fears and my nerves.
I ask Him to ease Dave's worries and stress.
I pray that Dave doesn't get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in the next 5 months.
I ask Him to point us in the right direction... and to help us see that direction clearly.  
I pray that we are able to enjoy these last few months, not get bogged down in all the preparation.
I pray that I am able to take each day one day at a time... to enjoy the day, the people, the blessings He has given me that day.
A year from now I do not want to look back and have any regrets from these last few months.

Please Lord, you know our fears, our insecurities, our doubts.  Please calm our hearts and our minds, forgive us our human tendencies.  You said "Do not be afraid"...  help us to remember that YOU are in control.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your request to God.” 
~Philippians 4:6


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