Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I love our little, quiet family Christmas's.
I fear this year was our last one.
Does that sound terribly rotten to say out loud?

We spend all day in our jammies.
We don't leave the house.
Nobody comes over.
We do our own thing.
It's so relaxing.

We open our presents.  And then we go our separate ways... someone puts a new puzzle together, someone plays a new video game, someone reads a new book from Santa, someone takes a nap.  It's peaceful.  Enjoyable.  Calm.  Perfect.

Later in the day, we sit down together and play games, or play wii together, or watch a new movie that Santa brought.  We laugh, we argue, we enjoy each other.  Perfect.

This year, it started snowing on Christmas night... and it snowed for almost 24 hours straight.  A beautiful way to end Christmas day.  And the day after Christmas we ended up with over 14 inches of snow... we shoveled, we played, we threw snowballs, we made snow angels, we looked on in wonder as it continued to snow.  And then friends came over, and we ended the day with some game time... we laughed, we argued, we enjoyed each other.  Perfect.




Anonymous said...

We have a similar Christmas. We used to go all over creation on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, and a few years back I put my foot down and said no more. If people want to see us on Christmas, they can come to us. I refuse to pull my kids away from their gifts. They're overexcited, overtired, and all that traveling always, ALWAYS resulted in a meltdown/argument. So I like the quiet, uncomplicated Christmas much, much better. LOVE your pics - so glad you had a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

What a nice day. we had a food orgy. So it was a nice day for us too. LOL! Denise C

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