Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....

A couple of weeks ago I was excited that we had temperatures in the low 30's...
                I woke up at 5:30am to 25*, with a windchill in the TEENS!  Sweet.

And, thanks to the "Heroes at Home" program sponsored by Sears, we received a $50 Sears gift card.  We went out to Sears, and got Megan a pink winter coat & a pink hoodie.  **She likes pink**  Thank you Sears... it is greatly appreciated.

For the very first time in our 18 years of marriage, we bought a *REAL* Christmas tree this year.  It is beautiful and smells so good.  I can smell it throughout the whole house.  I've always been a colored light person, but we've switched over to white lights the past two years.  It looks so serene... it's very calming.  The outdoor lights are also white, and it looks so crisp and clean.  I didn't think I'd ever be a white-lights person, but I really love them.


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Anonymous said...

I love the tree! I agree about the white lights. Which is why the girls have their own tree. LOL! I am loving the cold... except I don't want to get outta bed in the morning. :) Jessica

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