Wednesday, March 28, 2012

* * * Bedroom Re-Do * * *

This is what our bedroom has looked like for the past 9 months...  blah, bland, the walls have been spackled and it's been waiting for a fresh coat of paint, and I wanted to do "something" on the window wall.

Then I saw this picture on  Pinterest a couple of months ago.  I had to think about it for a few weeks, make sure that this is what I really wanted... I kept looking at it, looking for different ideas that I like better.  And finally decided that this was it.  Let's do it!!  So, I talked to my dad...

And this is what he came up with.  He made it to my specifications, and asked me a lot of questions as to shelf depth, spacing of shelves, size of the header, etc.  For now I've left the bottom area open, but I might have him put in a couple of drawers there.  I'm going to live with it as is for now, and just kind of "wait and see".  

My friend Candice made these little green felted flower balls for me.  She does a lot of crafts and hand made items, you can check out her talents at her her blog or on this auction site.  I've bought numerous things from her over the years.  I especially like her "Magic Slippers".  :)

You can find more of my dad's work online at Ken's Creations.  
Please contact him if you'd like something custom built.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My dad, the Woodworker

You want some custom woodwork done?  Just ask my dad.  He has put together a nice wood shop over the years, and I think he can build just about anything.  Seriously.

I was on the Pottery Barn website, and found a living room table that I really liked.  So I printed a picture of it, handed it to dad, and asked him to build it for me.  I had it tweaked to my specifications, and this is what we ended up with.

This was the original table from Pottery Barn:

Here is my table in the "build" phase (unfortunately, I took these with my cell phone so they're  not the best quality)

I also needed a bench, shoe storage, blanket storage, and hooks for the entryway.  I explained my vision to Dad, gave him the dimensions I was looking for, and this is what he made for me:

Now I want to add a shelf above the coat hooks so that I can put some baskets up there
to hold our mittens, hats, scarves, etc.  

Would you like my Dad to do some work for you?
You can find him on Facebook at Ken's Creations.  Check him out!