Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

First, the happy Christmas stuff:

That 70's Show dvd, Christopher's favorite

After the excitement of opening presents:

Playing with the new Barbie RV:

Puzzle time!

Time for a game of Chess

Playing with cousins!

Being with family @ Christmastime...  nothing better!

Now the not so happy Christmas stuff...
       Two days before Christmas mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her lymph nodes are involved, which is never good.  :(   The plan is to start chemo first, then surgery.  Today is New Year's Eve, and I keep thinking what a rotten way to start the new year....


Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Did Not Fall Off the Edge of the World

I guess I haven't posted in a while.  Life has kind of gotten away from me.  
Here are some pictures of what we've been doing:

A little yard work:

Dave got a job:  
(My own personal Coke Dealer  *snort*)

We hung out outside:

We danced to live music on the deck at the Tiki Bar:

We made some improvements in the bathroom:

The "Before"

Almost done!

The "After"
New light fixture, new mirror, new sink fixtures, and fresh paint

We hung out at my brother's on the Lake:

Fishing off the dock

Dave & Megan kayaking

Dave contemplating retirement

We went to the MHS Homecoming Football game:

We got a new puppy:

She chewed up two pillows

We installed laminate flooring in kitchen & dining room

We also removed the wall paper and gave it fresh coat of paint.

Abby-dawg tried to help


We went to Pleasant Valley Tree Farm 
We picked out pumpkins, walked through the haunted forest, 
made it through the corn maze, and went on a hayride

Christopher got a job at Culver's

I went to Boston to visit a friend:

Old North Church
(One if by land, two if by sea...)

Berklee Music School  :)

We stopped by Cheers for a drink

JFK Presidential Library and Museum

Dave put up a clothesline for me!
I've wanted one for 20 years!!

We painted.
A lot.

The living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hallway, and two bedrooms:

Megan now has a  PINK  bedroom, which is something she has *always* wanted!

Megan got a haircut:

Something new for her: a shag

We Celebrated Halloween:

Abby puppy also:

Chewed up a cell phone charger, some Barbie shoes, the couch, an extension cord, a couple
pairs of socks, our Green Bay Packer blanket, a computer power cord, one right shoe.
It's a good thing she's cute!

It's been a good summer.  :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

{Moving Day}

Moving is such a pain-in-the-arse...
No matter how many times you do it.
Some people only move once in their lifetime.
(...lucky bastards)

Some people move every two or three years.
They become seasoned veterans at moving.
(Like us...   *sigh*)
But it's all still a pain-in-the-arse.

We had the moving company scheduled to pack us out on June 14 and load the truck on June 15.  We've never been packed out in one day.  But they thought they could get it done in one day.  *shrug*  Okay... by 9:30am June 14, nobody had shown up yet.

So Dave made a phone call, only to find out that on their books it said we were scheduled for June 16 & 17.  We had an email confirming the 14th/15th... nobody has any idea or explanation as to how the moving company ended up with the wrong dates in their books.  So, we had to sit and wait two more days....

On the 16th, the driver shows up with a small truck, to which Dave promptly asks "where's the big truck??"  The driver immediately contacts his office (in Pittsburgh, PA) and tells them that we have *always* had a full size moving truck and that all of our stuff is not going to fit in the small truck.  They don't care... "make it fit" they say.  Two more times over the course of two days the driver calls back to ask for a bigger truck, two more times he is told "make it fit, we're not sending another truck". 

In the meantime, two guys show up to pack out the house.  TWO.  That's it.  But wait, it gets better... they do a walk-through of the house, walk out to their car, and LEAVE.  Just drove away without a word to anyone.  We have no idea why they left, but they abandoned us and the job.  The driver gets on the phone and within an hour he has a four person crew at the house to pack us out.

And. They. Were. Awesome.  

They busted out the whole house in about 6 hours time.
The garage was the only thing that was left to finish the next day.  

Day two - finish packing the garage, and then loading the truck...

...which was too small.  

So our shipment was split in two.
The main shipment left immediately for Wisconsin.
It was delivered in a timely manner.

The overflow shipment was picked up by a local company in Va Beach, and put into temporary storage until they can add it to another shipment coming to Wisconsin.  We don't know when we'll be getting the rest of our shipment... Dave has called them nearly every single day to ask them when we'll be getting our shipment.  Every single time he is told the same thing... as soon as a truck is headed this way, our shipment will be on it.  But he still keeps calling.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

All of our household goods were delivered on the first truck.... the things that are in the second shipment were mostly garage items: treadmill, tool chest, grill, bicycle, patio furniture, an old computer, an old tv, wire shelving for the garage, a recliner, basketball hoop, pilates machine, bunk beds that my dad made, etc.  Nothing that we *need* right this minute, but I feel unsettled knowing that some of our stuff is still in limbo.