Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was having a discussion the other day with a friend about shoes.  Her family has a lot of shoes.  A LOT.  Which surprises me, because she is the only female in the family.  Granted, she has a lot of shoes.  Understandable.  Acceptable.  I mean, she is a woman after all.  lol  But what surprises me is that her husband and two teenage boys also have a lot of shoes.  Again, I say...  A LOT.

Anyway, I was telling her that I have just a handful of shoes.  Not very many, really.  Just a couple pair for church, some flip flops, and a pair of tennies.  And then I came home and started counting... when I hit 20 pairs, I stopped.  I have more shoes than I thought I did.  huh.  How 'bout that.

Most of them are sandals & flip flops.  But I also have 7 pair of dress shoes, two pair of tennies, a pair of clogs, and a pair of boots.

This for a person who prefers to be barefoot.   *shrug*

How many pairs of shoes do you have?



lady of the house said...

3. My harley boots, my brown sketcher wannabes, and my tennies.

Heidi said...

You have more than that! I know you have a pair of sandles... and don't you have any "church" shoes?

lady of the house said...

LOL - oh yeah, those black sandals - but they have been put away with my summer clothes so do they still count?
And, I guess you're right - I do have a pair of little strappy heels that I sometimes wear for 'big' events (about once a year). Forgot about those too ;) For the baptism even, I ran to kmart to find a new pair of shoes, and the only ones I liked were a size too small, so I squeezed into them that day and will never wear them again LMAO they have gone straight to Maria's too-big-clothes-box.

So I suppose I have 5 pairs. But one of those I will never wear again though. So technically it's 4. LOL I have hunting boots though... do those count? That would bump me back up to 5...

As you can see, I am SO not a shoe person.

Heidi said...

I'm not a shoe person either... which is why I'm surprised to find out I have so many pairs of shoes. lol

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