Saturday, March 19, 2011


Crossed off another wish on my Bucket List tonight.

We saw Elton John in concert at the Ted Constant Center.  *SHOCK*  

When the tickets went on sale about 8 weeks ago, they sold out within minutes... and I wasn't able to get any.  I was so disappointed.

And then Thursday night I was perusing Facebook, and I saw a post that said they released more seats for Friday night's concert!  

One problem... Dave was scheduled to have Duty on Friday night.  

A quick phone call to our friend, Colleen, asking her if she'd take his Duty....  she said "OF COURSE!"

(Thank you Colleen!)

Being a Friday night during Lent, we can't eat any meat.  I Googled and found a fish house within walking distance of the concert venue.  So we got there early, and walked 3 blocks to O'Sullivan's Wharf for a fish dinner.  YUM!  Walked in, and was told there was a 45 minute wait.  Urgh.  So we left, and walked the 3 blocks back.  We went to Starbucks and got a couple of cookies/brownies instead.  *shrug*

So our Friday night was spent sitting in front row seats, listening to 3+ straight hours of Sir Elton John.  We're calling it a late anniversary gift to ourselves.  :)  I must say, this has been my most favorite anniversary gift.  EVER.

Set list, typo: the year is actually 2011


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