Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Bucket List}

I think we all have a bucket list... we all have things we want to do or see or experience at least once before we "kick the bucket".  

I've decided that I need to stop letting ~life pass me by~ and I need to start getting out there and "doing" things.  

I'm no longer going to use the excuses of it costs too much, I'm too fat, I'm too old, what would people think? or I could NEVER do THAT!

{I think it had something to do with turning 40 last year}

My list consists of the following:

  • Travel to Ireland
  • Travel to Scotland
  • Girlfriend get-aways... on a yearly basis at least, but I'd prefer every 6 months
  • Attend an Elton John concert
  • Attend a Billy Joel concert
  • Go to Disney World w/family for a whole week
  • More Travel (Italy, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Switzerland, Russia)
  • Attend a Packer game at Lambeau Field
  • Buy a couple of Harley's for Dave & I, and tour the midwest on them
  • Buy a cozy house on a lake in northern Wisconsin or Minnesota - it MUST have a fireplace
  • Learn how to knit
  • Attend a Badger game at Camp Randall Stadium
  • And still more travel (in the USA - Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Alaska, Boston, Branson MO, Seattle, & New England just to name a few)
  • Take a Wine Appreciation class... learning what wine goes best with what meal
  • Learn to fly
  • Join a Curling Club

I'll probably add to this list as time goes by... and hopefully I'll cross things off the list as time goes by.  Like Ireland.  *Big Grin*

What is on your list?


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