Tuesday, August 12, 2014

K1, P2

Dave and I took a knitting class this past spring.  It's something that has been on our bucket lists for a number of years.  And we've finally been able to cross it off our lists!

We took a Beginning Knitters class with the Community Education Program offered through the school district.  After our 6 week course was up, some of us wanted to continue meeting on a regular basis to sit and knit and chit chat.  So we now have a knitting group that meets every week.  :)   During the summer our little group sat outside on the lawn of the library, listening to a different band each week while got our knit on.

We both really look forward to our Thursday night knitting group.

My first attempt at socks.  They came out quite nicely!

Fingerless gloves for Megan


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